Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Our tree surgeons provide tree planting services and tree care services across Hamilton, Bothwell, Strathaven, East Kilbride, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, East Renfrewshire, and East Ayrshire. Using our extensive experience and knowledge, our tree surgeons adopt a holistic approach to tree planting and tree care, giving young trees the best start possible, ensuring they have a long and healthy life.

As part of our tree care and tree planting services, our tree surgeons will assist and advise you on selecting the most suitable tree species concerning the specific growing environment and location. We then source the healthiest and best quality young trees on your behalf. We then professionally prepare the ground for your new trees and plant them to your requirements using the most appropriate tree planting techniques and methods.

To protect and maintain the health, structure, and condition of your new trees after planting, our tree surgeons also advise you on all aspects of post-planting tree care and maintenance. This includes a follow-up tree inspection to carry out formative tree pruning. Tree pruning helps to reduce the chance of tree limb failure. This is done by strategically removing any crossing, dead, or dying limbs that could pose problems in the future. We also provide the best recommendations for future tree care and maintenance.

To find out more about our tree planting services and tree care services, contact TreeTmenT Specialist Tree Services.

‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.’ – Chinese Proverb