Tree Felling & Removal

Tree Felling and Tree Removal

TreeTmenT Specialist Tree Services specialise in tree felling and tree removal for clients in Hamilton, Bothwell, Strathaven, East Kilbride, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, East Renfrewshire, and East Ayrshire. Our tree surgeons are highly trained and experienced in the removal of large, dangerous, and hazardous trees.

Our first option is to fell the tree from ground level using directional tree felling and tree surgery techniques. However, we often find trees that are located within residential gardens have many targets and obstacles below such as buildings, greenhouses, sheds etc. If this is the case, tree removal in confined and built-up spaces is carried out using rope and harness methods and the tree is dismantled in sections. During the tree removal process, specialist rigging equipment and ropes are used to lower the timber to the ground safely and securely.

To ensure all tree felling and tree removal projects are carried out safely and efficiently TreeTmenT Specialist Tree Services operate one of the few GCRS (Good Control Rigging Systems) in Scotland. This specialised system is used for the technical rigging of trees that have multiple targets and obstacles below.

When required, our tree surgeons use alternative plant and equipment to carry out hazardous and dangerous tree felling and tree removals. This includes cranes and Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) etc.

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