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Tree Lightning Protection

TreeTment Specialist Tree Services specialise in the design and installation of tree lightning protection systems for homeowners and landowners in Hamilton, Bothwell, Strathaven, East Kilbride, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, East Renfrewshire and East Ayrshire.

Normally we only hear about instances when lightning strikes people and buildings. However, any qualified arborist or tree surgeon will tell you that trees are the most common victims of lightning strikes. Most lightning bolts pass through trees on the way to the ground. This is because trees contain a lot of water, and water is a better electrical conductor than air. Tree trunks in particular contain a high concentration of water near the cambium - just under the bark. As the electricity from the lightning bolt surges through the water in the tree trunk, it causes it to boil explosively, blasting off the bark, and sometimes catapulting pieces over a hundred feet causing serious injury and damage to individuals and property.

The most effective way to protect trees from dangerous lightning strikes is to have tree lightning rods installed. Tree lightning rods are simple devices which provide excellent lightning protection for trees as the metal of the rod acts as an even better conductor than the moisture in the tree trunk, therefore the lightning bolt is guided down to earth without damaging the tree. While it may be impractical to install lightning rods in every tree within your property, certain trees must be protected from lightning. These include veteran trees, historic trees and tall trees which are more prone to be struck by lightning.

To find out more about our tree lightning protection systems contact TreeTment Specialist Tree Services.

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